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Convention Photos

A selection of photos from the event, including a costumes worn by attendees on both days, photos from Lance Henrikson's and the Stargate Q&As, the Star wars Club's (501st & Novus Ordo) photo session with the guests on both days, General event photos and photos of the Cocnert by Mela Lee on Sunday with special guest musician Colin Cunningham.

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General Convention Photos

These are a selection of the things happening at the convention, and the vendors present over te weekend.

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Costumes, Cosplayers…etc

Some excellent costumes were seen on both days. This is just a selection of the ones I spoted as I wansered around during spare moments over the weekend. Some were taken in photo booth #3 on request.

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Lance Henrikson's Panel

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The Stargate Panel

This featured Colin Cunninghan, Rainbow Sun Franks and David Hewlett.

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Concert by mela Lee and her band

This concert finished the weekend on Sunday afternoon. Those of you who left early missed a great event! Colin Cunningham joined in at one point with an instrument he made himself the week before in Sydney…

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Star Wars Group photos - Saturday

Luckily I was following a few people and managed to get some shots of my own on Saturday. John Rhys Davies and Lance Henriksen pose with members of the star wars groups attending the event.

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Star Wars Group photos - Sunday

I missed this photo session, but a number of people who were there graciously provided copies of their photos. I've included a selection here from three diferent photographers - which is why there is an overlap.