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Armageddon Melbourne 2008

This is Culture Shock's second huge expo event in Melbourne now.

Including the Armageddon Celebrity Guests:
- Andee Frizzell (Stargate Atlantis)
- David Hewlett (Startgate Atlantis)
- Doug Jones (Hellboy, Fantastic Four, and too many others to mention)
- Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters)
- William Katt (Greatest American Hero)

Anime guests, Star Wars guests, Wrestling guests,
and celebrity guests presented by The Hub Productions:
- Kavan Smith (Startgate Atlantis)
- Gary Jones (Startgate SG-1)

(and many more!!)

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Torchie's Photos

As many of you know, Torchie is a photographer from Sydney who does a lot of work at FSF and Culture Shock conventions there. While I was stuck in the main booth all weekend, he was able to rove about getting photos of everyone enjoying themselves.

There are a LOT of memories here folks, including a lot of personal photos with guests in the autograph queues, at the cocktail party, the wrestling, anime and comic guests…etc.

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Friday Cocktail Party

This was included with the Gold and Silver passes - a chance to spend a few hours with all the guests in a relaxed atmosphere…

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General Event Photos

This is a general collection of photos from the event - mainly things I snapped in passing while I was running around madly…

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Saturday Dinner

Tickets for the dinners were generally available, with you pick of which guests you wanted to sit with (Wrestling, Heroes, Stargate, Anime…etc). A chacne to sit and chat with the guests over dinner…

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Wrestling Photos

I had a five minute break during Suturday afternoon which co-incided with one of the wrestling matches, here is what I saw…

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Armageddon Guests

These are the official photos of the guests at Armageddon 2008.

We were unable to get photos of the Comic guests because they were, quite frankly, swamped and couldn't get away…